Supreme brand fashion Galaxy s20 / s21 / s21 + / s21 ultra case,Stussy personality trend Galaxy note 8 / note10 / note20 / note20U case,Unisex truck type Galaxy s9 / s10 / s10 + / s20 + case.


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Professional and reliable design is suitable for every model of mobile phone, such as iPhone / Galaxy / Xperia / Huawei.

The camera hole, the position of the power button on the inner box, and the charging port are all specifications suitable for the corresponding model.

In the unlikely event that you are inconsistent with the case and the subject, our store will return or exchange the product unconditionally and unconditionally.

Product name:Supreme brand fashion Galaxy s20 / s21 / s21 + / s21 ultra case,Stussy personality trend Galaxy note 8 / note10 / note20 / note20U case,Unisex truck type Galaxy s9 / s10 / s10 + / s20 + case.

Compatible models:
iPhone 12    iPhone 12 pro    iPhone 12 mini    iPhone 12 pro max
iPhone 11    iPhone 11 Pro    iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone X     iPhone XS
iPhone 8    iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7    iPhone 7Plus

Applicable to: For Ladies For Men For Students For Celebrities and Entertainers.

Note: Compatible with all iPhone models

Material: silicone or TUP

Condition: Brand new and unused.

Shipping time: In stock, usually shipped within 1-3 days; Out of stock, shipped within 4-6 days

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Supreme brand fashion Galaxy s20 / Galaxy s21 / Galaxy s21 + / Galaxy s21 ultra case

Supreme personality trend Galaxy note 8 / Galaxy note 10 / Galaxy note 20 / Galaxy note 20 case


* Please note that the color of the actual product material may differ due to differences in the computer equipment and monitor that you see, and due to shooting indoors and outdoors.
* The color specifications of the notebook may change slightly. please note that.
* Because it is imported from overseas, please note that the outer box may be crushed, and the product may be dirty or scratched due to transportation reasons.
* Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not shipped.
* If it gets dirty, wipe it gently with a dry cloth or brush.
* Do not wash even if it gets dirty or dusty. Avoid using strong cleaning agents such as thinner and acetone.
* Please note that there may be color unevenness and small scratches depending on the characteristics of the material and the processing texture, which is not a defect.
* This product does not completely protect mobile phones. Do not drop the mobile phone, apply shock or excessive force, get it wet, or leave it in direct sunlight for a long time.
* This product may be damaged or deformed by impact such as dropping, applying excessive force, or applying heat.
* Although every effort has been made to ensure that the product is defective, if there is a defective product due to manufacturing reasons, we will replace it with a new product.
* If this product is damaged, stop using it immediately. Please be careful when handling debris. There is a risk of injury.

About returns

We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, but if you receive a defective product, damage or stain due to an accident during delivery, or a product different from the ordered product, please contact us within 5 days after the product arrives. After that, please return the item to the return address specified by us. We will bear the return shipping fee.
After the returned goods arrive, we will exchange them for non-defective products or refund the full amount.

Return restrictions We do not accept returns for the following reasons.

(1) In case of cancellation due to customer's convenience.
(2) In the case of a product that has been scratched or damaged due to the customer's responsibility.
(3) For used products.
(4) If the product is different from the one you purchased, please note that we will refund the product after it is returned to our shop.

About customs issues (customs suspension)

We guarantee that the product will be delivered to the customer who made the payment. In the unlikely event that the item is confiscated by customs, we will reship the item or refund the full amount according to the customer's request. Please be assured. However, it will be reshipped only once. If you are unlucky and cannot clear the customs for the second time, we will refund the full price of the item. Please note.

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